From the author, Malcolm Gunderson

Hi, this is Malcolm Gunderson of The Final Oscar.

You see, this is the new THE FINAL OSCAR.


Because I just made a new blog because my account has been suspended for a reason that is totally unknown to me. So, this would be a mere continuation of the blog, it’s just so happened that this is a new blog.

1988 will continue, and the Best Picture Project will continue. I’m still going to review films in an another blog which I will make, but continuing the performance reviews is something I’m thinking twice because that’s the blog where I got suspended. Anyway, don’t worry.

For now, I’d try to work on Rain Man but I’d be busy this season with the upcoming awards season. So, we’ll be quite busy.

And I am not a poser in any way, I’m just going to continue the posts in the blog. I am MALCOLM GUNDERSON.

So, there you go.

Sorry for the inconvenience, guys.

Malcolm Gunderson


6 Responses to “From the author, Malcolm Gunderson”

  1. joe Says:

    Well, this is cool!

  2. Louis Morgan Says:

    I look forward to see more posts by you, and I really hope what happened does not discourage you from ever doing a performance review again since I certainly enjoyed the one you did get to post. Perhaps it was a picture you used or something, I do not know, I really did not see anything that should be considered violation in that blog.

    • thefinaloscar Says:

      I will still use the screencaps (which is weirdly the possible reason why I got suspended), but maybe I’ll need to be careful because I got the screencaps from Youtube. Yeah, I do not understand the reason why I got suspended because I see other bloggers using screencaps and they do not get suspended.

      Anyway, I’d still do them, since I wouldn’t like to waste what I have started because of that.

      Thanks, Louis!

  3. Robert Says:

    I had no idea you’d moved! Haha I’m glad I found you though. Keep up the good work and I’ll be waiting for more posts!

    • thefinaloscar Says:

      Thanks, Robert! I wasn’t able to post for the past few days because my computer crashed. Thankfully, it’s already fixed. I really hope I can finish Rain Man as soon as possible for me to go on with a new year.

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